Our Cozy Fall Amazon Favorites

Our Cozy Fall Amazon Favorites

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 Hey friends!  Tosha here!!  Since we just wrapped up Self Care September, I wanted to link my Amazon picks with what my little pick me ups are that help get me through my busy day.  Y’all know what I am talking about…the Oreos in the cereal box that no one likes so that you don’t have to share.  Well, these are those things for me.  Except I have mine in plain sight and dare someone in my house to touch without asking. 

My first two go hand in hand.  Can’t have one without the other. 

You are probably thinking “DECAF, REALLY?” Here me out!  I stay cold 24/7.  My go to for a quick meal and to warm me up is a cup of Double Donut Cinnamon Bun decaf coffee and Jordan’s Cinnamon Roll Skinny Syrup.  I am not bitter about it…now, BUT if Premier Protein could get their Cinnamon Roll Protein back on the shelves this little snack would be back to being the best thing ever!!  Until then, I use the vanilla or café latte flavor protein to add a little nutrition that my body needs! 






Then my next go to for a little pick me up when the days start dragging and Friday doesn’t feel like it is even in sight, I go to my Alani NU Watermelon Wave energy drink.  I am not a lover of energy drinks.  I do not love the way they taste or the stigma that comes with them.  However, once I tried Alani Nu, my mind was changed!  I can put that bad boy in my slim can holder and sip on it through out my afternoon. 





Meagan here!  If you know me then you know that me and Amazon….. we are tight. It’s a problem, and I probably need help.

But until someone intervenes, here are the gems I found this month. Since we just ended our Self Care September I wanted to share a few of my personal faves!

I’d love to say during the winter my hand and especially my finger tips are so dry, BUT it is really all year round. I went to our trusty amazon because I knew they would have something. 


It is super light and does not leave your hands greasy which is a must have for my hand creams. I went back and bought a second one to keep at my office. Per it’s instructions you apply morning and night…. But I make my own rules and use it all the time.


The minute I walk into the door after work it is jammy time. I want to be comfortable ASAP. I got these joggers https://amzn.to/3BQ2pFD a few weeks ago and they are IT, Soft, flowy, and POCKETS. They are perfect for lounging and also appropriate to wear for a quick run to the store. Pockets are a non-negotiable for me. If it doesn’t have pockets, it is not coming home with me.


I’m not a big jewelry girl, but I love a shiny wing. Obviously I wear my wedding set every day, and I’ve neglected cleaning it for far too long.

Enter this jewelry cleaning pen.


It is so easy to use and delivers instant results. You just brush it on your piece of jewelry with the perfect brush that is attached. The brush gets into all the grooves and crevices of my ring, rinse, and BLING.  It’s super affordable and I imagine it will last a long time.

Would it even be an Amazon favorites with a notebook? Listen, yes, I have plenty of notebooks. Yes, I could have enough paper to last to my last day on earth and never buy another. Yes, I have a problem and no I don’t plan on stopping. I. Love. Notebooks. You probably do too if you’re here. This one is so cute, the perfect size to keep in your car or your purse. I’m really into dots right now but they lots of other patterns to choose from.




We hope that you find some of these helpful!



Tosha and Meagan 


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