Introducing BKPaperCo

Have you ever met someone and felt like you have known them your entire life?  That is exactly what our friendship has been like.  We met just 3 short years ago and our friendship has grown so much with each day.  We are busy mommas, business owners, and wives.  We found our mutual love of planning was not only a way to keep our lives organized, but it was also quality ME time! We both enjoy learning new things and together we discovered that we could step out of our comfort zones if we had each other right there.  




One day we planned a time to sit down with our planners and have a little planning session.  Our first bonding moment was when we started talking about how many notebooks we had.  We thought we were the only one who could get so excited over pen and paper, but we found our stationary soulmate, if you will.  So it began.  We shared ideas and swapped up styles.  The more we met, the more we discovered that we love highlighting boxes and picking out the perfect stickers.  Sometimes we have a color scheme and sometimes we are too busy to be coordinated.  When we were so busy and could barely make time to plan, that’s when we realized how much a lifesaver it was to meal plan.  During the busy seasons, we love being able to keep all the sports schedules in one place and dinners lined out and chores divvied up. When we are on our health kick, we love planning our workouts. When we need a dang minute, we love planning a girl’s nights.  We plan out all the appointments and bill due dates.  We even put our husband’s schedules in our planners because Lord knows they don’t remember the who, what, when, and whys. 

We learned really quick that we both love pens!  OH DO WE LOVE PENS!  We both have an array of pens, and we just pour them all out on the table and have at it.  There is just something about a thick, smooth felt tip.  Or a ball point pen that fits perfectly in between your fingers.  Then we discovered how awesome washi tape is and all the possibilities it creates.  So, then our washi tape collection grew.  We come up with junk just to make lists to use washi tape as the decorative underline.  Stickers…don’t even get me started.  We have a sticker for every SINGLE thing you could think of.  We have sports time sticker, heart stickers, laundry stickers, meal plan stickers, affirmation stickers, holiday stickers, and stickers for the crap we don’t know that we need yet!  Some of our greatest ideas are created right there in our planning sessions.  Shoot, we even get a little bit of a therapy session from time to time.

Between the two of us, we have tried so. Many. Planners. BKPaperCo was created because we wanted something different. We figured out that we didn’t need so much in a planner.  We wanted freedom.  We wanted something that would allow us to be able to have space to do whatever we wanted to do in that time.  If you want to track your fitness journey and habits; there is space for that.  If you wanted to track your time in the Bible reading scripture; there is space for that.  If you wanted to plan a whole month worth of meals, you can do that with our planner.  If you want to binge watch all of your favorite shows; guess what, there is a space for that.

We set out of this journey knowing literally nothing.  We have spent countless hours researching how to make a planner, how to work all the software, how to create the files, and how to add all the fancy fonts.  We have printed and laminated and cinched our hearts away.  We have researched all the places to get all the cool pens and stickers and accessories.  We have spent so many hours and days learning how to create an online store and website.  We have so many more things to learn and we can’t wait to share that all with you as well.

So, if you are taking the time to read this, thank you.  Thank you for going on this journey with us.  We hope to provide you with all your planning needs and ideas on how to use your Complete Planner.  Our goal is to continue posting to show you how we use each section in our Complete Planner
AND  show you how we use all of the other products listed on our website. 



Meagan and Tosha

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