The Great 2023 Declutter

The Great 2023 Declutter

A new Year for us means DECLUTTERING!  Going through cabinets and closets, purging, and storing away.

 We will get right to the point here, no time to waste :) 

Anybody else have a stupid amount of water bottles?  I will be purging and utilizing this stackable water bottle storage to help get order to my water bottle stash!  Hopefully this will keep away a concussion from the water bottles tumbling out of the cabinet.


Next up!  Closets! Kids have clothes everywhere that are about to bring the closet poles down!  I love these fabric clothing bins for all the things!  Bedding, clothes, pillows, toys, crafts, etc.

Time to replace the bathroom canister storage containers.  By this time of the year, one has been dropped and shattered, one is missing a lid, and one has been confiscated by a little girl using it for her Barbies.


This gem looks like heaven and will be a new use for me this year! I can’t wait to not have to completely empty under the sink to find the one cleaner I was looking for!


I have lots of gift wrap. Christmas, birthdays, babies and weddings… I’ve got it all. I used to keep it all in one bin and have it hanging on the back of a door. That worked great, until my Christmas wrapping stuff was overflowing making it difficult to access the other wrapping supplies. Enter CHRISTMAS wrapping storage! So simple, I know, DUH, but this was a game changer for me. I loaded this up with the Christmas specific supplies and just put it away with the Christmas décor. I have no need for it throughout the year, so it is perfect!

Gift wrapping storage:


Door hanging organizer:


Are you participating in any sort of decluttering challenge? We have a few in mind that we have found around Pinterest-land and they are all pretty similar. 

Here's to lightening our load in 2023 and getting organized FOR GOOD! 

Do you have an item that is a must-have in your organizing journey? Share it with us.

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